Black/White Copy Printing
8˝" x 11" 1-sided 20# white 10˘ each / 2-sided 20# white 15˘ each
8˝" x 14" 1-sided 20# white 15˘ each / 2-sided 20# white 20˘ each
11" x 17" 1-sided 20# white 20˘ each / 2-sided 20# white 55˘ each
Color Copy Printing
1-sided 28# white
1-10 75˘ each
11-50 50˘ each
51-99 40˘ each
100+ 30˘ each
Double price for 2-sided printing
Additional prices for specialty paper
Wide Format Printing
16 x 20 $14.99
18 x 24 $15.99
20 x 30 $18.99
24 x 36 $29.99
30 x 40 $49.99
Karen's Print-Rite is proud to offer our professional large format printing services for your large format printing needs.
  • We strive to maintain affordable pricing.
  • We print from your digital image files.
  • We are happy to provide a free evaluation of your image.
  • We will let you know how large your file will print.

Our Printer:  Large format printing is done on our Epson 9900 printer.

  • We can print up to 44 inches wide.
  • We can print almost any length.
  • Our large format printer utilizes Epson's UltraChrome® HDR Pigmented Inks for brilliant color and long life.
  • The prints are absolutely amazing in quality and rival anything which can be produced in a traditional wet darkroom.

General Information

Size and Quality

Looking to produce something really big? Our large format printer can produce near press quality prints at sizes up to 44" wide. It's the perfect way to produce display materials for presentations, posters, signs, banners, and art work.


To help protect and enhance your prints we offer lamination and mounting for large format output. By laminating your print the image becomes more vibrant and it's protected against moisture, and sunlight.

Preparing a File for Large Format Printing

For the most part, preparing a document to print on our large format printer is the same as preparing a document for conventional digital printing. The biggest difference with producing prints of this magnitude are print size and image quality.

Image Quality

Because we will be producing a very large print from your digital file, it's important to make sure that the images in your document are fairly high quality. In the sample above, you will notice that the image starts to look more jagged as it is enlarged. Images and pictures from web pages usually do not enlarge without a very significant loss in quality. If you are wanting a photo or art quality print, please visit with one of our customer service representatives so that we can assist you in making sure that you get the results you are looking for.

Key points:

  • Use high quality images and photos. When enlarged, these elements degrade in quality. As a general rule, 300 dpi images and photos will always look good.
  • Avoid using graphics copied from the web.
  • If using scanned photos, use 300dpi or higher resolution settings.
  • Keep in mind that posters and large prints are usually viewed from a distance.
  • Call or email us if you have questions or need help.

Page Size

Page sizing is another important factor in setting up your document for large prints. You basically have two options when creating a file:

  1. Set the page size to match the final print size.
  2. Use a standard, or smaller page size and have us enlarge it to fit. Keep in mind that enlarging the file decreases the resolution of the print. See the above topic for more information about this.


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